Oprea Elisir d Amore

Two years ago, I was in an opera called The Elixir of Love. The main characters are Nemorino and Adina, and it is a romantic opera in which the characters are confirming their love for each other. Nemorino, tricked by Dr. Dulcamara, a medicine man, spends all his money on a medicine, which doesn’t have any potency, to be an elixir of love. He believes that once he drinks the elixir, the woman he loves will also love him. However, when he finds out that the elixir is a lie, he falls in despair. Adina worries about Nemorino, who acts differently, and seeing herself worrying about him, finds out that she also loves Nemorino. Once they find out that they are both in love with each other, they get married and the opera ends.
I played the role of Nemorino. Nemorino was a normal farmer, who lives a poor live and is also somewhat slow. To play his role, a lot of acting skills were required. I needed one year to prepare for this opera. Also, I needed lots of time, money, and practice.
When I was preparing for the opera, I was under a lot of stress, but when it was over, I felt an overflow of joy that I couldn’t explain in words. Many people have biases toward operas, but when they experience the opera themselves and talk about it, I believe that the bias will go away.


The greatest show in the fashion world: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria Secret’s Fashion show, which aired Tuesday December 4th on CBS, is a coveted event in many parts of the world. The lingerie parade this year, circus themed, is one of the most demanding catwalk for models, but also one of the most anticipated by the public for its spectacular and elaborate staging. Pens, balloons, flowers and of course, the wings were the constants in this fashion show on November 7th in New York at the Lexington Armory, where this event took place, had dancers and acrobats who kept the audience’s attention at all times.

The Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio, who had the honor of carrying the ‘Fantasy Bra’ (this time, this ‘design-jewel’ was named ‘Floral Fantasy Bra’ for its floral details, a creation of the company whose value reached London Jewelers a whopping 1.9 million euros).

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012

Therefore the quality of the underwear, the style of these women, and the dedication of a whole year of hard work for that night, all works when we look at the number of spectators. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show posted a rating of 3.5, equivalent to 9.3 million viewers between the ages of 18-49 years. The last year earned 10.3 million viewers, showing a drop of 24%, but if you look at history, VS television, such lows are very common.

In my opinion VS is one of the most elaborate parades and most demanding as much as for the models and for those who will enjoy it. This great spectacle was attended by great artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, who opened the way and accompanied on stage to models. For models this show required double or even triple their hours of exercise to be perfect for the big day, and as for the spectators is very difficult to criticize something as elaborate: the scenery is elaborated carefully, the models are beautiful women, the invited artists are suitable for the environment, the designs are varied and fun. In my opinion, and I speak from several speakers which I have read, VS is a show that is to be one of the most coveted around the world.


By: Daniela Salazar R.

A night among Angels

Do you know which are considered the most amazing fashion shows in the world? Well, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show its absolutely on the list. Every year the whole crowd, models, designers and staff have to work hard in order to have an amazing show in their one-time.a-year-fashion show due in December. Last week NYC hosted the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This time all the angels rocked the runway, like very year, and there were  also some special performances from Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. The show had a circus theme, but also had different categories like Dangerous Liaisons, Calendar Girls, Pink Ball, Silver Screen Angels and Angels In Bloom. Every category had a performance and a set of characteristics in the outfits. Calendar Girls for example, showed 12 angels, each one with a special dress for a month in the year. Oppening with a Happy New Year outfit, and closing with a Santa one. From my point of view, this and the Pink Ball, were the best categories in the show, not only because of the outfits, but also because of the scenery (which was perfectly set), the performance of every angel, and the singers on the stage. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean that only shows with singers on stage and perfect scenery will nail the performance. But it can have a lot of pros, such as having models inspiring different trends.
Another thing that totally blew everyone’s mind, was Alessandra Ambrosio wearing the bra that’s worth 1.9 million pounds. It was incredibly beautiful, because she had the perfect body for the outfit, but also because she showed her confidence while walking down the runway. She and all the other angels entertained the ones who attended the show, but also the ones who were watching CBC last Tuesday. I really enjoyed it, because the high expectations I had were met, meaning the entire show was a success. And when this number of people put that much effort into something like that, it’s almost a 100% accomplishment.


A terrible journey through NYC…

Friday morning I was still packing my bag very fast in order to catch the bus that was about to leave UCONN; fortunately, five minutes later it was on its way to NYC with me aboard. Since I didn’t sleep the night before, I tried in vain to take a nap during the trip to the city that never sleeps; the constant swinging never let me.

I think that the air of the crowded city excited me enough to recover my energies and to be prepared for another rough night, but now in New York. I felt that everything was in my favor and the sensation of “this is going to be awesome” was beating hard in my head.

34th Street, between 10 and 11 avenues: Since it was my third time in there, the landscape was pretty familiar for me. I knew exactly where I had to go, after smoking a cigarette and thinking about what I had done the last time after the bus left.

After 45 minutes, I was set in my cousin’s apartment, ready to go shopping and buy some necessary things for the night. I could get everything that I needed. The night and my joy were already starting.

Apart from having an excellent night, I also could feel the coming of Sandy, it was very cold and windy, but the worst was about to come. All Sunday was windier and the temperature decreased much more than it was Saturday night. All the news programs were talking about the hurricane and the precautions that people should have during the pass of Sandy.

The subway closed at 7 pm and my bus was leaving at 8; It was better for me to leave soon; otherwise, with all the people trying to have a train back to their houses it was going to be impossible to board one. 

Running to the bus stop was the only thing that I could do in that moment, so I can go back if the service was not working anymore. From where I was, I couldn’t see any bus, one second later an old man told me that all the busses had been cancelled. I had only ten minutes to run back and take the last train to Brooklyn.I got to the apartment safe and cold. At the time I rang the bell it was very windy; Hurricane Sandy was getting closer.

Past midnight things were getting worse, I could hear the trees creaking loudly, many of them waving threateningly toward the buildings and cars; the wind was blowing fast and I could no longer see people walking outside. Suddenly, a thunderous noise interrupted the peace of the apartment; something had happened and everybody was afraid. The bravest of the group went to check out what had occurred in the bathroom; the skylight blew away. Apparently a branch had landed on the roof and hit the window mercilessly.

Apart from having no light  and internet for a couple of hours, nothing else happened to us, but outside the situation was different, some trees had fallen down on cars and the wires of the poles were dangerously hanging.  So when we went out the next day during the afternoon, we still have to be careful in case something was about to fall.

Now, I was no longer worried because of the Hurricane or the dangerous trees, I was thinking about how to come back to UCONN again. All the highways were closed and there was any bus service.  I started to feel sick, I didn’t want to be in the apartment anymore, so decided to use any possible alternative. A lady was leaving the town on Thursday and she could give me a ride, the problem was that there was any transportation to Manhattan; I didn’t care, that day in the morning I started my long walk to the other side of New York. I took me four hours to get there, but finally I got to the CBS building and the long journey to leave the city started…


Finding alternatives to make your experience in UCONN memorable



In the international center of UCONN there are a lot of different groups you can attend to, but it seems that one of the most popular groups is the International Women’s Group.  Only five year ago the idea of making this group came true, the need for providing a place for women coming from abroad became an urgent need. The group gathers in second floor of Macmahon building, in the International Center Facility.  The purpose of creating this group was to welcome the spouses of the students to interact with other spouses, so these international students could have a good time, without being worried about their spouses’ social life. Nevertheless, not only they can attend to the meetings of the International Women’s group, all the families are invited to spend a splendid time and to know people from other countries. Apart from reducing stress levels, being part of this group can help you practice your English and other languages if you are interested!

There are many activities members can participated in, like discussions, demonstrations, plan trips, sharing international food, Coffee hours, etc. But how can you become a member?  It is so easy!!! You just have to submit the women’s group Sign-up form, and if you have any doubts you can contact Laurie Tompkins by sending her an email or calling to (860) 486-3855). She is in charge of the group, and has dedicated a lot of time to make this group successful  and interesting, hence she knows how to help you and she would be pleased to do it . As being the most important member of the group, she tells us a little bit about her experience with the group and some details of it.

1.- Was the international women’s group created at the same time that International Center, or this idea came up later?

Laurie: The International Women’s group was developed five years ago.

2.- Why did you decide to work with the International Women’s Group?

Laurie: I developed the group because the need was great for women not to feel isolated and alone.I have been to other countries and I know how you can feel alone. We have women as members that have spouses that are very busy as students, and work many hours in the lab’s as assistants. I have members that are undergraduates here alone in the USA for the first time, graduates students, and female research scholars are members.

3.-  Can you tell me any memorable experience about your work with the women?

Laurie: my most memorable experience was watching two new members that were alone and lonely that started to come to the International Women’s Group Meetings and they have formed a friendship, a group of close friends even 4 years later.

4.- What would you tell the people to encourage them to go?

Laurie :I approach everyone that expresses interest to meet others, often they say that their English skills are poor and I respond to this by saying that this is an opportunity to practice your English skills and make friends at the same time. We all have life stories to talk about to exchange and form friendships

Learning abroad … is that the best alternative?


“Salisbury, one of the authors of the forthcoming monograph Renewing the Promise, Refining the Purpose: Study Abroad in a New Global Century, says that in order for students to really reap the benefits, they need to be pushed out of their comfort zones.”

Even when you are learning another language, you have to think how long children take to learn their native language and how long it takes them to refine it. Yet the language is spoken to them every day, since they wake up until the go to bed, they still need language classes in school to improve grammar and speaking. The way children learn them is almost a full-time, intensive English course, which is why they reach a high level.  So, how are ESL/EFL students supposed to learn a new language if they don’t insert themselves in this new world of words for a fair amount of time?

Also, we must remember that languages are continuously changing. This process starts in at a spoken level, so in order to catch up it is necessary to listen native speakers, read the newspaper, listen to the radio and watch the news.

Nowadays, due to technology and globalization it is even more difficult to use a language. According with David Crystal, a professor of linguistics at University of Bangor: “Language itself changes slowly but the internet has speeded up the process of those changes so you notice them more quickly.” That is why, we can see verbs like “to google” or “friend me” being used every day by English speakers. These examples can suggest us, how quickly language can absorb and change words, and how difficult it can be for an English learner to catch up, even when native speakers can’t understand some new words.

There are many people who study overseas to learn a new language, and even when they spend many years studying the language from books or college, the situation turns out complete different when they are exposed to the “ language in use.”

Salisbury points out that “oftentimes, you talk to people who studied abroad 50 years ago, and they will tell you that that was the most powerful experience that they had”

The simple fact of living in another culture makes you feel the need to learn faster and communicate to “survive”.

We cannot forget all the new knowledge imprinted in the new place. A study called The Impact of Study Abroad done by Sumka (1999) reported that students improve their language skills and gain new cultural perspectives. They reported also that studying abroad helped them make career and life decisions and improved problem-solving skills.

Anything aforementioned can’t be learned by books or college, language is alive and extremely related to culture. In other to understand and be able to speak a foreign language, we need to practice it on a regular basis. We have to think of it as any other exercise, if we don’t constantly use it we lose the ability. On the other hand, globalization is changing the way in which people are learning, people can be in touch with each other even if they live in different places. Who knows whether better alternatives will be found…

The Life in Saudi Arabia, Then and Now

by Mohammed Alorabi

I am going to talk about the life in the past and now in Saudi Arabia. The life in the Arabian peninsula was beautiful. In the past, people lived in the desert, mountains, valleys, and cities. Also, the poems were one of the most important Arab media. For example, if a person dies it is important to have written his lament. So, people will know the news of his death by the poem. Another example, if some group fought another could be know who are winner by the poem. In addition, the means of transport in during their time are camels, horses, and other. Moreover, they care about the care of their cattle (camels, sheep, and other). And they were making clothes, water bladders, and other by animal skins.

saudi arabia now

The life in the Saudi Arabia is very defrent now compared to 70 years ago. So, few people live in the desert or mountains. But, they can not forget their homes where their parents live. So, they and their children visit their places each year. There are towers, malls, universities, schools, and colleges. But, they are still on their habits and conservative Arab muslim cultures. Also, they are using the poem by a computer and by internet.

Global Warming

NEL_GLOBAL_WARMING_nanimarquina_2by Seonmi Kim

The Earth is getting warmer. One hundred years ago the average temperature was one degree Fahrenheit cooler. This is a small change but it causes big problems. In some places, storms are stronger. In other places there is melting. Many places have more flood.

Some scientists are worried. They say that in the future the Earth will get warmer. The sea levels will rise and places near the coast will have more floods. Warmer weather is good for viruses and mosquitoes. People will have more disease. Other animals will have hard time.

Why is the Earth getting warmer? According to scientists at Standford University there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. Scientist call this “CO2” which comes from burning coal, oil and gas.

I interviewed Jessica Hodge who is a high school teacher. I asked her, “What do you do to slow down the Global Warming?” She said “We have to recycle.” I asked again “What can we recycle? She said clothes, bottles, cans, papers, toys, recycle books, compost, tire, metal, oil, plastic food scrap. She thinks global warming partly causes a natural disaster, and bring about “El Nino” phenomenon, which is a “warm ocean water current that flows along the equator” (Webster’s Online Dictionary).

There are other ways to prepare for disasters. To do this people have to reduce the CO2 in the air, use less energy from coal, oil, and gas. Also people can drive cars less, need to recycle, use less electricity and use less hot water. These are small changes, but if many people do them it will make a difference.

How can Students Park their Cars Quickly on Campus

How can students park their cars quickly


The parking permit is mandatory for people who want to park their cars on campus during the weekday. UCONN regards weekday parking is as a kind of city traffic problem. So they deal with parking problem as they enforce the specific parking policy such as specific parking permit and penalty tickets. UCONN has many kinds of types of parking permit for students according to the position of person. If students are commuters, they can get parking permit right away paying 110$ per a year. They can park their cars in 9 commuter lots such as A lot, B lot and Y lot. On the other hand, all of residents who live in dormitory cannot get permission from the parking service center. If residents want to park their cars on campus, they have to have at least 54 credits that already had been taken before and required to pay 110$ as well. In other words, only junior and senior students can use parking lots as they obey the UCONN rules.
The biggest problem happens when all of commuter students want to park their cars on campus. Only one parking lot that is Y lot, can commuters park their car on campus. The rest of the parking lots are located around the campus where it takes more than 15minutes to get by walk. Furthermore, only 1011 cars could be rode up to all of the commuter parking lots including the Y lot. In this semester, 22472 undergraduate students are studying in UCONN. Two of third undergraduate students live in dormitory on campus that is the one of third students live in off campus. We can imagine how crowded the parking lot is every morning and how much time is wasted to find a parking spot. Unfortunately, parking service center announced they do not have any plan to build new parking garage or lots. How can commuter students park their cars quickly and on time?

1.    Be an early bird

The earliest classes usually start at 8 AM. Nevertheless there are not many commuters who have an 8AM class, parking lots especially Y lot are always crowded every around 8AM. Be an early bird, if you want to park your car on campus and quickly. It is usually full before 9AM classes start. So you should get to parking lot at the latest 8:45 AM

2.    Work out naturally

Let’s kill two birds with one stone. You do not need to make time for working out in the gym. You do not make your time for looking for a parking place. Go to parking lots on the outskirt of campus directly to park your car. All of parking lots have a bus stop to take you to come on campus. Buses run every 5~10 minutes for students who park their cars around campus. Furthermore, UCONN application offers us a bus tracking system every single second to notice where buses are. Parking your car round campus is quicker than finding a parking place on campus.

Here is a tip: C lot has an advantage for people parking cars in C lot. Only 50$ is an annual parking fee for C lot people.

3.    Spend your extra money for your convenient

The most convenient and expensive way to use the parking lot is getting a parking permit from the parking garage. Two parking garages are prepared for visitors on campus. The students also can use the parking garages paying extra charge. An annual fee is 400$ or 2$ is per one hour for first 2 hours. After 2 hours 1$ is per one hour. Many students use parking garage when they are late to come to school. Keep in mind parking garage is also crowded every morning even though you should pay more.

History of mobile phones

Today, the mobile phone is over 80 years old when the hand-held radio transceivers have been utilized since the Second World War. Although the history of mobile phone is very short, it can be divided five segments, 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G.( Generation)

During the war Reginald Fessenden invented shore-to-ship of video telephony which linked the radio system of army.  By 1930, telephones customers could contact passenger who lived in USA by radio on an ocean liner. In the 1940s mobile telephones were available for some telephone company.  However, the device was very bulky and it took a large of high power. Also, it was complex when you use it.

In 1947 the Mobile Telephone Service became commercial by AT&T.  By 1948, the company offered Mobile Telephone Service for 100 towns and highway corridors, and it used the technology of 0G.  The 0G technology is similar to the 1G. The common feature is that they both can communicate with other people by radio, but the difference between them is equipment.  The mobile telephone of 0G which be installed in the bus or car, because the equipment of Mobile telephone weight about 80 pounds.  No one can really be “mobile”.

Prior to 1973, mobile telephony was limited to volume and weight.  On April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher, improved the mobile phone and made the first handheld phone.  According to the date of Wikipedia the prototype handheld phone used by DR. Cooper, and it weighed 2.5 pounds and measured 9 inches long, 5 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide.  The first analog cellular system was Advanced Mobile Phone System which was deployed in North America.  This was called 1G.

In the 1990s, the 2G mobile phone systems were set up, and most of it only offered service on voice communication.   The difference between the previous generation and the second generation is that the former was using analog transmission rather than digital.  The ‘second generation’ was superior to the previous generation in all aspects.   The result was that the global market was taken up by two systems, the GSM and CDMA.

With the 2G mobile phone got more and more popular, customers’ demand grew quickly.  For example date service, it means access to the internet.   Subsequently, we saw the advent of 3G.  This differed from the 2G by using packet switching instead of circuit switching for data transmission.   By the end of 2009, about 9 percent of worldwide subscribers used 3G.

By 2009, it is clear that the 3G has overwhelmed with the increasing body of bandwidth-intensive applications.  Subsequently, it stimulated people developing 4G technology which improved the speed over 10-fold than 3G.  Nowadays, people could connect the internet and transmit date more quickly.  The difference from the 3G is that the 4G utilizes an all-IP network instead and eliminates the circuit switching.

Nowadays, more and more people enjoy using iPhone.  On September 12, Apple announced about the iPhone5 was released.  The newest iPhone has been apparently improved with installing IOS6 operating system.  Comparing to previous version, iPhone5 provide the faster speed of the connection Internet, the supports panoramic photos up to 240 degrees, the new way of sending text by voice, the caption of incoming calls and other functions.  However, following the extraordinary functions for us are some bugs in IOS6.  For example the incompatibility of software and an unintended purple hue when you take pictures.  All in all, Apple also needs to do many things to improve their production.

In the future, it must be appearing the new communicational technology and it could be named 5G, 6G and more.  I think the mobile phone could be designed liking watch, lighter and other, and it could transmit data over 1G/s.  Even we can contact other guys without launching tower.