Singapore Interview

Interviewer: (Dae ho lee), respondent (Zin nam hyung)

Question 1: what are famous foods in Singapore?

Generally, Singapore is the country where Mult-cultural, so there are various types of foods, including Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, western food. I firmly believe that there is number of Chinese food is famous because there is large population of Chinese in Singapore. Therefore, I, high school student who is not able to buy expensive food, often enjoy having Chinese foods, such as Chicken Rice, Dumpling, etc. Chinese foods are all available for common people to enjoy, so I think Chinese foods are famous in Singapore.

Question 2 : what is clothing style in Singapore ?

I can easily answer with this question because there is only summer season in Singapore. People in Singapore are willing to have summer clothes to fit its hot weather. Normally, Singaporeans live in their hot weather, so they tend to be sick when they go to low-temperature country. Also, Singapore was part of Malaysia so that they have traditional clothes as Malaysian clothes, known as Kebaya. Singaporeans tend to wear Kebaya to celebrate Malaysian festival.

Question 3: Which types of song is that Singaporean likely to listen?

In past, Singaporeans are likely listen to Chinese songs because there are so many Chinese in Singapore. Recently, Singaporeans are eager to listen K-pop. Also, Singaporeans tend to have hobby that they organize their band because they love to play band songs. In my experience, I love to play bass guitar and be part of my friend’s band, and I had several concerts in school and street.

Question4: what is lifestyle in Singapore?

As I said, Singaporeans live in hot weather so that Singaporeans are willing to use air conditional in their houses, offices, and schools. And also, there are several electrical plants, which is well constructed in Singapore so that Singaporeans are able to use its costs to electricity for air conditioner cheaply and well-provided. I firmly agree with that when you go to any kinds of buildings in Singapore, you may know the temperature difference between inside and outside.

Question 5: Is there anything about Singapore that you are proud of ?

Well, I want to say that Singapore is developed country, and I personally believe that it is hard to achieve to be developed country in Asia because there were colonies in Asian history. Another thing that I proud of my country is that government provide well-secured for its citizen, so there is low crime rate in Singapore. That is because government regulate strongly so that Singaporeans know how they will be punished. Image




By Daeho Lee:

The movie I am going to talk about is the Inception . It’s about a movie where the main character ‘Dome Cove’ played by Leonardo Dicaprio and his team goes into another person’s head to plant an idea . I think the time that this movie takes place is in the near future. The main plot of this story is to plot a idea into the heir of a multinational company to break up his dads company to the ground. By doing this the main character Dome can go back home to his children. The plot was very interesting because I have never thought of this kind of idea before. The acting was also very good. Dicaprio played his role very depressing to some length. The visual was awesome CG in the movie and looked real. The momente when I was most suprised was when the building collapses as Dome and Ariadne goes into the 4th dream. Also the music in the movie matched well with the action that was taking place. the film didn’t end here when Dome got back home after the job and right at the end of the movie Dome spins his totem which, tells him if he is dreaming or not. If it goes down that means he is in reality if it doesn’t it means he is dreaming. However, at the end of the movie the totem is still spinning when if finishes. It led me to think if he is dreaming or not. My guess is that he came back. I have enjoyed this movie very much and I might even see it again sometime soon.

One Thousand Words

By Manal Alothman

This is a comedy drama film. The story of the movie start when
Jack McCall tried to get book deal from Dr.Sinja and Dr.Sinja’s book
was five-page book. When Jack knew about the number of page of
book, he was laughing and he thought this book “would not make any
money?” At same day, A magic tree appears in Jack’s backyard, with
a thousand leaves. After that Dr.Sinja told him his life depended in
this tree. Also, when he talked, the tree ran out of leaves, then tree
will die, and Jack will die too. He started to choose his word carefully,
his communicating with others becomes difficult and there are a lot
of misunderstandings between him and his wife Caroline. These
misunderstandings also cost him two books deals and his job.

This movie taught us how used our word effectually and how words
can affect our relationship. In my opinion, the plot is very emotional,
which I love .l like many ideas in this movie .For example, the idea
about the magic tree, the relationship between leaves and words
and the family is very important. The actors were very good and
they did their job very well like Jack said any thing to get what he
wants because he lied. Also, his relationship with Caroline when she
could not understand him because he could not talk, and Jack has
to communicate with people without speaking. The environment was
nice that can explain the different between the nature life style and
modern life style such as Dr.Sinja tried to train people how they could
relax and involved meditation in nature place, but the modern did not
make Jack happy.

Review: Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011)

By Seonmi Kim:

This is a typical Jim Carrey comedy movie. He played the role of Mr. Popper. Mr.

Popper’s father had gone around world during all his life. So he hardly had a birthday

Movie story starts when Mr. Popper grew up to about 40 years old and he became a

capable businessman in New York. He divorced and lived alone in big apartment, but

had time with his children, a son and a daughter, every weekend. His company boss

ordered Mr. Popper to buy a restaurant building from an old woman who wanted not to

One day, Mr. Popper got a last gift from his father. The gift was six penguins. At

first, Mr. Popper didn’t like penguins so he tried to give back penguins. But his son
misunderstood penguins were gift for his birthday. His children liked very much

penguins so frequently came to Mr. Popper’s apartment to play with penguins. Mr.

Popper also became to have a love with penguins. The penguins fell into the hands

of the zoo because penguins were not allowed pets. But When Mr. Popper found out

penguins loved him from his father’s last letter, so he got penguins back with children

and his ex-wife from zoo. Finally, Mr. Popper realized that his children needed him and

he also loved and needed his family.

Jim Carrey’s movies are always funny. This movie is also very funny and touching so

very good to watch with my kids. I wonder if penguins were real or made by animation

because penguins were really like live animals. I have seen situations with the reunion

of ex-wife or ex-husbands in many American movies. I like such kind of movie

although it is so typical. I hope many people have a happy life with their family.

Friends with Benefits

The name of the movie is “Friends with Benefits” it is a comedy starring for Justin Timberlake who plays the role to “Dylan” and Mila Kunis who interprets to “Jamie” a couple of friends who are known in New York city for a job which Jamie recommend for him. When they get to know are feeling a big connection and decided to have sex but without compromise or feelings nevertheless as time goes on them are will complicating things because is impossible hide their emotions.

These two actors made a amazing role in this movie you can feel the connection between them and senses the stages of the movie, which is complemented with great effects and settings. This movie was shot is some places of New York city and one beach in LA California.

You have need to seen this movie, many people recommended me this movie, they told me that was very fun and I would definitively have a great time and personally I believe I lived up to the promise, I sure you laugh all the flick. When you see it you feel you are living the story and these comic scenes.

Black Swan

At the beginning I didn’t think of it as a very promising film, I thought that maybe plot will rely on sex scenes and disgusting gore parts, but I have to admit that it surprised me. The story is amazingly developed and every scene is played with skillful performance.

The main character is a girl whose desires of perfection and success are chasing her. It is a very shocking film, with an almost unexplored theme that fantastically recreates a wide range of emotions like frustration, desire, anger, happiness and madness. Nina (the main character) has to deal with some kind of schizophrenia triggered by the constant pressure of being a perfect ballet dancer, which makes her do anything to get the main role in the play “The Black Swan”. She is absorbed by the evil imaginary Black Swan and as the film goes on you can see her transformation.

Personally, I think that the famous Natalie Portman could understand perfectly the intention of the character and transmitted it through the screen. The rest of the actors also did their part bringing talent and passion to each scene.  They were able to interact with the main character with a very talented and credible performance; it makes you feel that they are real characters and that the story is like a reality show (very real).

I don’t recommend this film if you are not used to very depressing and gory plots. Even though, the story is good and they play very well with the shocking scenes, it is still disgusting and hard to see some parts of the movie, I would advise a good stomach. It can get on your nerves some actions and inner fights of Nina with the Black Swan, but it still captivated my attention and respect.  GO TO WATCH IT!!!

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious 3 happens in Tokyo.  After Sean wrecks a construction site he has to go to Japan or he will be put into juvenile room.  When Sean arrives in Japan he has to wear school uniform to go to school.   Because he does not know anything about Japan, and he nearly learn nothing. In school, they say you can learn through total immersion. When he sees the beautiful Neela sitting in front of his row, it is clear what he is immersed in.  One day, he was offered a chance to attend street speedster race. The strategy of race is called drifting while accelerating and braking.

This movie grips my attention and gives me great impression.  Because I enjoyed the plot of driving racier driving it makes me exciting.  After seeing this movie I even want to have a racing car.  In this movie, this quotation gives me great impression “This isn’t a game. If you’re gonna live under my roof you gotta live under my rules. Understood?”  I think, it is not only applied to movie, but also it can be used in life.  Wherever we are, we should obey the rule.  In some race scenes, we can see the slow motion it is very cool. I can see the detail clearly.   I think it is a plot point that makes audience know the exciting of racing match.  Also, we can see the driver’s expression.  It is exciting, but I cannot bear some behaviors. For example, Sean does not like studying, and he just knows driving car. It would mislead some  in some way.

After all, if I want to judge the movie whether good or not, I should judge from my impression and the value of movie.  I think a good movie should contain exciting sense and value.   The fast and the furious, I think, has exciting plots, but the theme I cannot understand.  On the other words, I cannot find the value of driving car.