Profiles of the Newsmaker Authors

Author name: Haley Jeon

Interests: Dark movies, musical instruments

Dislikes: Annoying people


Author name: Mohammed Alorabi

Interests: Habits, culture

Dislike: Watching sports (prefers to PLAY sports)


Author name: Deaho Lee

Interests: Movies, music

Dislikes: Art


Author name: Pilar Zoffoli

Interests: Sports, music



Author name: Laura Jimenez

Interests: Art, music, fashion

Dislikes: Politics


Author name: Jun Sun

Interests: Music, movies, technology, food

Dislikes: Politics


Author name: Seonmi Kim

Interests: Shopping, cooking

Dislikes: Animals


Author name: Daniela Salazar

Interests: Music, movies, fashion, sports



Author name: Manal Alothman (absent for photograph)






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