The greatest show in the fashion world: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria Secret’s Fashion show, which aired Tuesday December 4th on CBS, is a coveted event in many parts of the world. The lingerie parade this year, circus themed, is one of the most demanding catwalk for models, but also one of the most anticipated by the public for its spectacular and elaborate staging. Pens, balloons, flowers and of course, the wings were the constants in this fashion show on November 7th in New York at the Lexington Armory, where this event took place, had dancers and acrobats who kept the audience’s attention at all times.

The Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio, who had the honor of carrying the ‘Fantasy Bra’ (this time, this ‘design-jewel’ was named ‘Floral Fantasy Bra’ for its floral details, a creation of the company whose value reached London Jewelers a whopping 1.9 million euros).

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012

Therefore the quality of the underwear, the style of these women, and the dedication of a whole year of hard work for that night, all works when we look at the number of spectators. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show posted a rating of 3.5, equivalent to 9.3 million viewers between the ages of 18-49 years. The last year earned 10.3 million viewers, showing a drop of 24%, but if you look at history, VS television, such lows are very common.

In my opinion VS is one of the most elaborate parades and most demanding as much as for the models and for those who will enjoy it. This great spectacle was attended by great artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, who opened the way and accompanied on stage to models. For models this show required double or even triple their hours of exercise to be perfect for the big day, and as for the spectators is very difficult to criticize something as elaborate: the scenery is elaborated carefully, the models are beautiful women, the invited artists are suitable for the environment, the designs are varied and fun. In my opinion, and I speak from several speakers which I have read, VS is a show that is to be one of the most coveted around the world.


By: Daniela Salazar R.


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