Oprea Elisir d Amore

Two years ago, I was in an opera called The Elixir of Love. The main characters are Nemorino and Adina, and it is a romantic opera in which the characters are confirming their love for each other. Nemorino, tricked by Dr. Dulcamara, a medicine man, spends all his money on a medicine, which doesn’t have any potency, to be an elixir of love. He believes that once he drinks the elixir, the woman he loves will also love him. However, when he finds out that the elixir is a lie, he falls in despair. Adina worries about Nemorino, who acts differently, and seeing herself worrying about him, finds out that she also loves Nemorino. Once they find out that they are both in love with each other, they get married and the opera ends.
I played the role of Nemorino. Nemorino was a normal farmer, who lives a poor live and is also somewhat slow. To play his role, a lot of acting skills were required. I needed one year to prepare for this opera. Also, I needed lots of time, money, and practice.
When I was preparing for the opera, I was under a lot of stress, but when it was over, I felt an overflow of joy that I couldn’t explain in words. Many people have biases toward operas, but when they experience the opera themselves and talk about it, I believe that the bias will go away.


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