A night among Angels

Do you know which are considered the most amazing fashion shows in the world? Well, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show its absolutely on the list. Every year the whole crowd, models, designers and staff have to work hard in order to have an amazing show in their one-time.a-year-fashion show due in December. Last week NYC hosted the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This time all the angels rocked the runway, like very year, and there were  also some special performances from Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. The show had a circus theme, but also had different categories like Dangerous Liaisons, Calendar Girls, Pink Ball, Silver Screen Angels and Angels In Bloom. Every category had a performance and a set of characteristics in the outfits. Calendar Girls for example, showed 12 angels, each one with a special dress for a month in the year. Oppening with a Happy New Year outfit, and closing with a Santa one. From my point of view, this and the Pink Ball, were the best categories in the show, not only because of the outfits, but also because of the scenery (which was perfectly set), the performance of every angel, and the singers on the stage. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean that only shows with singers on stage and perfect scenery will nail the performance. But it can have a lot of pros, such as having models inspiring different trends.
Another thing that totally blew everyone’s mind, was Alessandra Ambrosio wearing the bra that’s worth 1.9 million pounds. It was incredibly beautiful, because she had the perfect body for the outfit, but also because she showed her confidence while walking down the runway. She and all the other angels entertained the ones who attended the show, but also the ones who were watching CBC last Tuesday. I really enjoyed it, because the high expectations I had were met, meaning the entire show was a success. And when this number of people put that much effort into something like that, it’s almost a 100% accomplishment.

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