A terrible journey through NYC…

Friday morning I was still packing my bag very fast in order to catch the bus that was about to leave UCONN; fortunately, five minutes later it was on its way to NYC with me aboard. Since I didn’t sleep the night before, I tried in vain to take a nap during the trip to the city that never sleeps; the constant swinging never let me.

I think that the air of the crowded city excited me enough to recover my energies and to be prepared for another rough night, but now in New York. I felt that everything was in my favor and the sensation of “this is going to be awesome” was beating hard in my head.

34th Street, between 10 and 11 avenues: Since it was my third time in there, the landscape was pretty familiar for me. I knew exactly where I had to go, after smoking a cigarette and thinking about what I had done the last time after the bus left.

After 45 minutes, I was set in my cousin’s apartment, ready to go shopping and buy some necessary things for the night. I could get everything that I needed. The night and my joy were already starting.

Apart from having an excellent night, I also could feel the coming of Sandy, it was very cold and windy, but the worst was about to come. All Sunday was windier and the temperature decreased much more than it was Saturday night. All the news programs were talking about the hurricane and the precautions that people should have during the pass of Sandy.

The subway closed at 7 pm and my bus was leaving at 8; It was better for me to leave soon; otherwise, with all the people trying to have a train back to their houses it was going to be impossible to board one. 

Running to the bus stop was the only thing that I could do in that moment, so I can go back if the service was not working anymore. From where I was, I couldn’t see any bus, one second later an old man told me that all the busses had been cancelled. I had only ten minutes to run back and take the last train to Brooklyn.I got to the apartment safe and cold. At the time I rang the bell it was very windy; Hurricane Sandy was getting closer.

Past midnight things were getting worse, I could hear the trees creaking loudly, many of them waving threateningly toward the buildings and cars; the wind was blowing fast and I could no longer see people walking outside. Suddenly, a thunderous noise interrupted the peace of the apartment; something had happened and everybody was afraid. The bravest of the group went to check out what had occurred in the bathroom; the skylight blew away. Apparently a branch had landed on the roof and hit the window mercilessly.

Apart from having no light  and internet for a couple of hours, nothing else happened to us, but outside the situation was different, some trees had fallen down on cars and the wires of the poles were dangerously hanging.  So when we went out the next day during the afternoon, we still have to be careful in case something was about to fall.

Now, I was no longer worried because of the Hurricane or the dangerous trees, I was thinking about how to come back to UCONN again. All the highways were closed and there was any bus service.  I started to feel sick, I didn’t want to be in the apartment anymore, so decided to use any possible alternative. A lady was leaving the town on Thursday and she could give me a ride, the problem was that there was any transportation to Manhattan; I didn’t care, that day in the morning I started my long walk to the other side of New York. I took me four hours to get there, but finally I got to the CBS building and the long journey to leave the city started…



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