Finding alternatives to make your experience in UCONN memorable



In the international center of UCONN there are a lot of different groups you can attend to, but it seems that one of the most popular groups is the International Women’s Group.  Only five year ago the idea of making this group came true, the need for providing a place for women coming from abroad became an urgent need. The group gathers in second floor of Macmahon building, in the International Center Facility.  The purpose of creating this group was to welcome the spouses of the students to interact with other spouses, so these international students could have a good time, without being worried about their spouses’ social life. Nevertheless, not only they can attend to the meetings of the International Women’s group, all the families are invited to spend a splendid time and to know people from other countries. Apart from reducing stress levels, being part of this group can help you practice your English and other languages if you are interested!

There are many activities members can participated in, like discussions, demonstrations, plan trips, sharing international food, Coffee hours, etc. But how can you become a member?  It is so easy!!! You just have to submit the women’s group Sign-up form, and if you have any doubts you can contact Laurie Tompkins by sending her an email or calling to (860) 486-3855). She is in charge of the group, and has dedicated a lot of time to make this group successful  and interesting, hence she knows how to help you and she would be pleased to do it . As being the most important member of the group, she tells us a little bit about her experience with the group and some details of it.

1.- Was the international women’s group created at the same time that International Center, or this idea came up later?

Laurie: The International Women’s group was developed five years ago.

2.- Why did you decide to work with the International Women’s Group?

Laurie: I developed the group because the need was great for women not to feel isolated and alone.I have been to other countries and I know how you can feel alone. We have women as members that have spouses that are very busy as students, and work many hours in the lab’s as assistants. I have members that are undergraduates here alone in the USA for the first time, graduates students, and female research scholars are members.

3.-  Can you tell me any memorable experience about your work with the women?

Laurie: my most memorable experience was watching two new members that were alone and lonely that started to come to the International Women’s Group Meetings and they have formed a friendship, a group of close friends even 4 years later.

4.- What would you tell the people to encourage them to go?

Laurie :I approach everyone that expresses interest to meet others, often they say that their English skills are poor and I respond to this by saying that this is an opportunity to practice your English skills and make friends at the same time. We all have life stories to talk about to exchange and form friendships


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