The Life in Saudi Arabia, Then and Now

by Mohammed Alorabi

I am going to talk about the life in the past and now in Saudi Arabia. The life in the Arabian peninsula was beautiful. In the past, people lived in the desert, mountains, valleys, and cities. Also, the poems were one of the most important Arab media. For example, if a person dies it is important to have written his lament. So, people will know the news of his death by the poem. Another example, if some group fought another could be know who are winner by the poem. In addition, the means of transport in during their time are camels, horses, and other. Moreover, they care about the care of their cattle (camels, sheep, and other). And they were making clothes, water bladders, and other by animal skins.

saudi arabia now

The life in the Saudi Arabia is very defrent now compared to 70 years ago. So, few people live in the desert or mountains. But, they can not forget their homes where their parents live. So, they and their children visit their places each year. There are towers, malls, universities, schools, and colleges. But, they are still on their habits and conservative Arab muslim cultures. Also, they are using the poem by a computer and by internet.


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