How can Students Park their Cars Quickly on Campus

How can students park their cars quickly


The parking permit is mandatory for people who want to park their cars on campus during the weekday. UCONN regards weekday parking is as a kind of city traffic problem. So they deal with parking problem as they enforce the specific parking policy such as specific parking permit and penalty tickets. UCONN has many kinds of types of parking permit for students according to the position of person. If students are commuters, they can get parking permit right away paying 110$ per a year. They can park their cars in 9 commuter lots such as A lot, B lot and Y lot. On the other hand, all of residents who live in dormitory cannot get permission from the parking service center. If residents want to park their cars on campus, they have to have at least 54 credits that already had been taken before and required to pay 110$ as well. In other words, only junior and senior students can use parking lots as they obey the UCONN rules.
The biggest problem happens when all of commuter students want to park their cars on campus. Only one parking lot that is Y lot, can commuters park their car on campus. The rest of the parking lots are located around the campus where it takes more than 15minutes to get by walk. Furthermore, only 1011 cars could be rode up to all of the commuter parking lots including the Y lot. In this semester, 22472 undergraduate students are studying in UCONN. Two of third undergraduate students live in dormitory on campus that is the one of third students live in off campus. We can imagine how crowded the parking lot is every morning and how much time is wasted to find a parking spot. Unfortunately, parking service center announced they do not have any plan to build new parking garage or lots. How can commuter students park their cars quickly and on time?

1.    Be an early bird

The earliest classes usually start at 8 AM. Nevertheless there are not many commuters who have an 8AM class, parking lots especially Y lot are always crowded every around 8AM. Be an early bird, if you want to park your car on campus and quickly. It is usually full before 9AM classes start. So you should get to parking lot at the latest 8:45 AM

2.    Work out naturally

Let’s kill two birds with one stone. You do not need to make time for working out in the gym. You do not make your time for looking for a parking place. Go to parking lots on the outskirt of campus directly to park your car. All of parking lots have a bus stop to take you to come on campus. Buses run every 5~10 minutes for students who park their cars around campus. Furthermore, UCONN application offers us a bus tracking system every single second to notice where buses are. Parking your car round campus is quicker than finding a parking place on campus.

Here is a tip: C lot has an advantage for people parking cars in C lot. Only 50$ is an annual parking fee for C lot people.

3.    Spend your extra money for your convenient

The most convenient and expensive way to use the parking lot is getting a parking permit from the parking garage. Two parking garages are prepared for visitors on campus. The students also can use the parking garages paying extra charge. An annual fee is 400$ or 2$ is per one hour for first 2 hours. After 2 hours 1$ is per one hour. Many students use parking garage when they are late to come to school. Keep in mind parking garage is also crowded every morning even though you should pay more.


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