Global Warming

NEL_GLOBAL_WARMING_nanimarquina_2by Seonmi Kim

The Earth is getting warmer. One hundred years ago the average temperature was one degree Fahrenheit cooler. This is a small change but it causes big problems. In some places, storms are stronger. In other places there is melting. Many places have more flood.

Some scientists are worried. They say that in the future the Earth will get warmer. The sea levels will rise and places near the coast will have more floods. Warmer weather is good for viruses and mosquitoes. People will have more disease. Other animals will have hard time.

Why is the Earth getting warmer? According to scientists at Standford University there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. Scientist call this “CO2” which comes from burning coal, oil and gas.

I interviewed Jessica Hodge who is a high school teacher. I asked her, “What do you do to slow down the Global Warming?” She said “We have to recycle.” I asked again “What can we recycle? She said clothes, bottles, cans, papers, toys, recycle books, compost, tire, metal, oil, plastic food scrap. She thinks global warming partly causes a natural disaster, and bring about “El Nino” phenomenon, which is a “warm ocean water current that flows along the equator” (Webster’s Online Dictionary).

There are other ways to prepare for disasters. To do this people have to reduce the CO2 in the air, use less energy from coal, oil, and gas. Also people can drive cars less, need to recycle, use less electricity and use less hot water. These are small changes, but if many people do them it will make a difference.


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