Singapore Interview

Interviewer: (Dae ho lee), respondent (Zin nam hyung)

Question 1: what are famous foods in Singapore?

Generally, Singapore is the country where Mult-cultural, so there are various types of foods, including Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, western food. I firmly believe that there is number of Chinese food is famous because there is large population of Chinese in Singapore. Therefore, I, high school student who is not able to buy expensive food, often enjoy having Chinese foods, such as Chicken Rice, Dumpling, etc. Chinese foods are all available for common people to enjoy, so I think Chinese foods are famous in Singapore.

Question 2 : what is clothing style in Singapore ?

I can easily answer with this question because there is only summer season in Singapore. People in Singapore are willing to have summer clothes to fit its hot weather. Normally, Singaporeans live in their hot weather, so they tend to be sick when they go to low-temperature country. Also, Singapore was part of Malaysia so that they have traditional clothes as Malaysian clothes, known as Kebaya. Singaporeans tend to wear Kebaya to celebrate Malaysian festival.

Question 3: Which types of song is that Singaporean likely to listen?

In past, Singaporeans are likely listen to Chinese songs because there are so many Chinese in Singapore. Recently, Singaporeans are eager to listen K-pop. Also, Singaporeans tend to have hobby that they organize their band because they love to play band songs. In my experience, I love to play bass guitar and be part of my friend’s band, and I had several concerts in school and street.

Question4: what is lifestyle in Singapore?

As I said, Singaporeans live in hot weather so that Singaporeans are willing to use air conditional in their houses, offices, and schools. And also, there are several electrical plants, which is well constructed in Singapore so that Singaporeans are able to use its costs to electricity for air conditioner cheaply and well-provided. I firmly agree with that when you go to any kinds of buildings in Singapore, you may know the temperature difference between inside and outside.

Question 5: Is there anything about Singapore that you are proud of ?

Well, I want to say that Singapore is developed country, and I personally believe that it is hard to achieve to be developed country in Asia because there were colonies in Asian history. Another thing that I proud of my country is that government provide well-secured for its citizen, so there is low crime rate in Singapore. That is because government regulate strongly so that Singaporeans know how they will be punished. Image


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