By Daeho Lee:

The movie I am going to talk about is the Inception . It’s about a movie where the main character ‘Dome Cove’ played by Leonardo Dicaprio and his team goes into another person’s head to plant an idea . I think the time that this movie takes place is in the near future. The main plot of this story is to plot a idea into the heir of a multinational company to break up his dads company to the ground. By doing this the main character Dome can go back home to his children. The plot was very interesting because I have never thought of this kind of idea before. The acting was also very good. Dicaprio played his role very depressing to some length. The visual was awesome CG in the movie and looked real. The momente when I was most suprised was when the building collapses as Dome and Ariadne goes into the 4th dream. Also the music in the movie matched well with the action that was taking place. the film didn’t end here when Dome got back home after the job and right at the end of the movie Dome spins his totem which, tells him if he is dreaming or not. If it goes down that means he is in reality if it doesn’t it means he is dreaming. However, at the end of the movie the totem is still spinning when if finishes. It led me to think if he is dreaming or not. My guess is that he came back. I have enjoyed this movie very much and I might even see it again sometime soon.


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