Review: Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011)

By Seonmi Kim:

This is a typical Jim Carrey comedy movie. He played the role of Mr. Popper. Mr.

Popper’s father had gone around world during all his life. So he hardly had a birthday

Movie story starts when Mr. Popper grew up to about 40 years old and he became a

capable businessman in New York. He divorced and lived alone in big apartment, but

had time with his children, a son and a daughter, every weekend. His company boss

ordered Mr. Popper to buy a restaurant building from an old woman who wanted not to

One day, Mr. Popper got a last gift from his father. The gift was six penguins. At

first, Mr. Popper didn’t like penguins so he tried to give back penguins. But his son
misunderstood penguins were gift for his birthday. His children liked very much

penguins so frequently came to Mr. Popper’s apartment to play with penguins. Mr.

Popper also became to have a love with penguins. The penguins fell into the hands

of the zoo because penguins were not allowed pets. But When Mr. Popper found out

penguins loved him from his father’s last letter, so he got penguins back with children

and his ex-wife from zoo. Finally, Mr. Popper realized that his children needed him and

he also loved and needed his family.

Jim Carrey’s movies are always funny. This movie is also very funny and touching so

very good to watch with my kids. I wonder if penguins were real or made by animation

because penguins were really like live animals. I have seen situations with the reunion

of ex-wife or ex-husbands in many American movies. I like such kind of movie

although it is so typical. I hope many people have a happy life with their family.


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