One Thousand Words

By Manal Alothman

This is a comedy drama film. The story of the movie start when
Jack McCall tried to get book deal from Dr.Sinja and Dr.Sinja’s book
was five-page book. When Jack knew about the number of page of
book, he was laughing and he thought this book “would not make any
money?” At same day, A magic tree appears in Jack’s backyard, with
a thousand leaves. After that Dr.Sinja told him his life depended in
this tree. Also, when he talked, the tree ran out of leaves, then tree
will die, and Jack will die too. He started to choose his word carefully,
his communicating with others becomes difficult and there are a lot
of misunderstandings between him and his wife Caroline. These
misunderstandings also cost him two books deals and his job.

This movie taught us how used our word effectually and how words
can affect our relationship. In my opinion, the plot is very emotional,
which I love .l like many ideas in this movie .For example, the idea
about the magic tree, the relationship between leaves and words
and the family is very important. The actors were very good and
they did their job very well like Jack said any thing to get what he
wants because he lied. Also, his relationship with Caroline when she
could not understand him because he could not talk, and Jack has
to communicate with people without speaking. The environment was
nice that can explain the different between the nature life style and
modern life style such as Dr.Sinja tried to train people how they could
relax and involved meditation in nature place, but the modern did not
make Jack happy.


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